F*cking millennials. 


Where do I start? I’m just about a millennial; I have a millennial child born in 2002 (when I was younger than my classmates), my classmates and colleagues on this blog are millennials and you, reading this, are most likely a millennial.  most of whom are disappointed that Thatcher screwed up social housing, disappointed that Brexit happened, disappointed we’ve been paying 9k a year in tuition fees and that student grants will soon be repayable after Blair promised us nothing but ‘Education, Education, Education’, the spectre of imaginary debt haunting us like some post-Brexit Bogeyman . And I’m disappointed, too. Disappointed that my friends and colleagues given a bad rep by the majority of millennials, the side of the spectrum who I’m dubbing ‘Generation Snowflake’. A term which i will openly confess to stealing from Claire Fox  http://www.spectator.co.uk/2016/06/generation-snowflake-how-we-train-our-kids-to-be-censorious-cry-babies/

Generation snowflake are a bunch of whiny arsed Believe it or not, you already know Generation Snowflake. They’re the whiney, entitled, Reddit-thread-comment-posting millennials who don’t do anything in particular. They are the YouTube generation, not the good kind but the people whose only marketable skills are talking about themselves and being insufferably smug. not the ones who create art but the type who have nothing better to talk about than themselves. OMG. YOLO. SWAG. Generation snowflake are a group of They’re the delicate little flowers who are offended by everything, but offensive to everyone. Absolutely everything. Personally, I have never cared whether anyone was gay, straight, trans, cis or a purple unicorn called Steve. The old adage comes into play; ‘treat people how you would like to be treated’  and if you are going to be a sneaky little snake, then Bye Felicia


Of course, there’s a level of morality in this, whether or not it’s because we’re slightly different generations or whether it is because of the world being so sensitive these days. I’m not talking about the serious issue of bullying, I’m talking about being insensitive just enough to survive the world of adulthood. Bullying, racism and homophobia are serious issues in their own right and I know people often overstep the mark. Social justice warriors strike up a backlash when they merely offended by the sheer mention of certain words. ‘TRIGGERED’   Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad we’re growing as a culture. I’m glad that we’re realising (albeit slowly) that racism, sexism, trans-and-homophobia and all related douchebaggery are bad things, but there is a clear line drawn in the sand between ‘genuinely offensive’ and ‘cry me a river’.

Luckily, there are some basic social rules that, if we all adhere to, should ensure that millennials, and all the old fuckers who complain about millennials, get as little breathing space as possible and don’t ruin an entire generation. So before you post on Facebook, before you Tumble or comment or interact with social media, please consider this lovely campaign:


Is it true?

Is it helpful

Is it inspiring?

Is it necessary?

Is it kind?

Looking at the above list is it any wonder the internet is full of make-up tutorials and avocado on toast and young people become famous for being able to use YouTube and a webcam.











feature image courtesy of https://www.everplans.com/articles/5-reasons-millennials-should-start-planning-now



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