Cashing In

I step inside the bank to come face to face with an armed man holding a pistol, he’s about 6’ 6” and built like a brick shithouse. He instantly points his weapon at my face, I show him my press ID to prove that I’m not a cop.

“Get on the floor with the rest of the latecomers” he snarls at me.

I crouch down to the height of the small child who is standing in front of me, frozen solid and staring right into my soul.  I agree with him; I’m pissed off and shit scared by these sudden events too.

So I stand back up and try to talk to the armed man, I tell him I’m harmless. What can I do?

“The cops hate me as much as they hate you”.

He gestures for me to take the black holdall from his hands, I take it, it’s lightness creates a slight breeze around me. I’m not scared anymore; I know it’s the only way we can get out of here alive.

The armed guy waves his gun in the face of the cashier.

“Give me the fucking money now or this guy gets it” he says grabbing me by the neck and into the crook of his elbow. Pulling me towards him. 12153941-man-holding-gun-demanding-money

I had this feeling I wouldn’t get it, I was merely a pawn but watching the terrified cashier pass thousands of bucks through the gap between us and me loading wads of notes into the black holdall. I knew the only thing I was likely to get was a profit from this raid.

The cashier suddenly stopped pushing money through and this made my captor angrier.

“Is that it?!”

She nods while she slowly backs away from the screen and the handgun is still pointing at my temple, which is throbbing and glistening with sweat as my nerves begin to show.

“Run, fucking follow me and run” my abductor shouted as he released me and sped towards his getaway car.

As we reach the car, I notice my old friend Nigel the knobhead in the driving seat, a man who couldn’t organize a piss up in a brewery, he looked at me as I slid beside him.

“Alright Jon” he said sounding surprised “I thought you were a journalist these days”

“Long story” I tell him.

My kidnapper looks edgy as I glance in the back,

“This isn’t a fucking reunion boys, just fucking drive Nigel”.


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