The Tale Of The Monster Hunters Pt.5


The whole village was up early the next morning, even before the sun had risen to almost half way up the trees. The spies were collecting information for Mahir and the group as they sat around the chief’s large circular table eating a majestic breakfast of fruit, meat and coconut water. Jax and Dasia held hands the whole time, stealing glances at each other. In his diary, Clive said that Elizabeth wouldn’t stop smiling at the newlywed pair. It was the most romance all 4 had seen in a while.
‘Our scouts have told me that your foe Talon is now building something.’
‘Do they know what?’ Jax asked while eating his food.
‘Unfortunately not. They said they occasionally see sparks flying and hear the mountain echo.’
‘We’ll have to get there as soon as possible. If he’s been working throughout the night there’s no telling how much work he and Dr. Prakash have got done.’ Dasia tried to stand but Jax sat her down.
‘There’s no need to rush. My informants will tell us of any changes.’ Dasia sat back down and continued to eat.
‘Hopefully it’s something we can sort without disrupting your people and yourself Mahir,’ Elizabeth said.
‘I hope so too.’ They continued to eat in silence. ‘And may I offer my congratulations to the newlyweds.’ Jax and Dasia smiled.
‘Thank you chief,’ Jax said, ‘but how did you know?’
‘My spies don’t miss a thing.’ Mahir raised his cup to them. And the whole table joined in.

The group left about an hour, I assume, after breakfast, their kit all packed and good will tokens exchanged. Dasia received a necklace with a gem that would bring her luck, she also put her wedding ring on there. Jax’s Bowie knife got a makeover of feathers, beads and rope to tie it to his belt, to which he also tied on his wedding ring. Elizabeth was formally presented with a staff that meant she was recognised as an equal to Mahir. Clive was given a notebook made from the bark of the tree of gods. It was safe to say the hunters and the Queen were welcome back anytime. Apparently Jax and Dasia considered it as a honeymoon destination; an actual honeymoon.
They walked for 12 hours, Clive stopping regularly to take photos and Dasia running off to find animals. There’s not much to say about these 12 hours. They didn’t stop walking. They couldn’t. Because even though Clive stopped regularly to take photos, and Dasia ran off to find animals, everybody knew that they had to focus on the job at hand. Their lives just didn’t depend on it, the world’s did. I know that this was a bit anti climatic for you, but you can’t write about something you have no information about, be it fact or rumour.

I can tell you that after these 12 hours they made it to cave that overlooked the mountain where Talon had made camp in the mountain. I know this because Clive’s only diary entry of that day was: “been walking all day. Her majesty has blisters.” Their cave was small but quaint. It gave them a good view of what was going on in the mountain, but hid them well enough that they couldn’t be spotted by the patrolling guards around the entrance. They dined to a simple supper of leftovers from the flying village and slept through. That is until they were woken by a crash of echoing wood and trucks.
Jax went to investigate; they were transporting what they feared the most, the monsters Dr. Prakash had created in England. Only this time on a large scale.
‘Sleep time is over,’ Jax said crawling back into the cave, ‘he’s shipping out crates full of those things. Now is our best shot to get in.’ Dasia had learned not to ask too many questions when it came to Jax and his crazy ideas and outrageous plans, but Elizabeth was still getting used to it.
‘How is moving now a good idea?’
‘If we can get to the other side of the mountain, I’m pretty sure there will be another way in. While the guards are here at the front, there will be nobody, or hardly anybody at the back.’ They all nodded. It was the best plan they had. The only plan they had.
After taking out the weapons what they needed and packing the rest of the camp away, they set off in hopes Jax’s plan was a good one. The group also discovered that moving by moonlight was also more difficult, especially in a place they didn’t know. So after fumbling and falling everywhere at what felt like every step for them, they finally made it behind the mountain. And with the exception of two guards, Jax was right.
‘I got this,’ Dasia said as she moved down the hill they were perched on. As she slid down, she took out a small knife from her belt.
‘She took my knife,’ Jax said outraged, ‘I’m the one who uses the knives in this relationship.’
‘Hey, you’re married now, you have to learn to share.’ Elizabeth was good at telling people off. Before they knew it, Dasia had, let’s just say taken care of the guards. I’ll let your imaginations do the rest. She was swiftly joined by the others, and they made their way inside.

Now, there wasn’t a photo of this, but from what I’ve heard, the lab and lair built and created by Talon and his men was amazing. The ceilings stood at least 12 feet tall, the walls still the mountain it sat inside of. Silver metal floors was what you walked on, echoing each footsteps, I assume raindrops, and every voice booming off it, like somebody speaking into a speaker. This was all on a ground floor and had stairs leading up to a second floor, but on the ground floor, boxes and equipment gave them the adequate cover they needed to move around without being seen. What was said that baffled the group more was the advanced technology that was in here. Genetic mutation machines, human growth boxes everything a mad scientist and a mad monster could ever need for world domination.
‘Holy crud,’ Dasia said quietly. The group nodded in agreement.
Trucks were moving crates, which were lined up against the opposite wall, which meant nobody was watching their side of the room. They turned to a circle formation.
‘Right, we need a plan. And fast.’
‘I insist on staying with her majesty,’ Clive said straight away.
‘With that,’ Jax began ‘how about this? Clive and Elizabeth follow where those trucks are going. If they’re going to a plane, destroy it. We can’t have those things leaving this island.’
‘Sounds good.’
‘And while you’re doing that, Dasia and I will find Talon and take him out.’
‘That’s a good plan. I like it,’ Elizabeth said, ‘a question though, how do Clive and I get into the trucks?’
‘The crates. We put you in them and line them up, you’ll be gone in no time.’ Dasia said.
‘Perfect. Let’s do it.’
So with that they went their separate ways. Jax and Dasia carefully made their way up the stairs, where they thought Talon’s office would be. They dodged and dived through the warehouse, being almost weightless as they moved silently and undetected. Meanwhile, Clive and Elizabeth made their way to the boxes where they could get to their destination. They moved when the coast was clear, moving as quick as a cheetah moving in on it’s kill. Clive held her majesty’s hand as she stepped into the box, then loosely sealed her in then doing the same to himself. They were moved out on the next truck that came in.
Now, this is where I have to split up the action, so I’ll use titles to tell you which line of action I’ll be telling you.


(Works well doesn’t it?)
They were travelling in the truck for about 15 minutes. The road was bumpy, windy and noise-y from all the branches that scraped along the metal sides. When the truck stopped, they were swiftly unloaded and from all the shaking and grunts, they were carried somewhere. At this point they didn’t know where they were going; all they could hear were the animals talking amongst themselves and the waves from the beach. They were dropped on top of wood and the footsteps from the workers moved away from them, then onto something metal, and then it was silent again.
‘Elizabeth? Are you ok?’
‘Yes Clive. Are you?’
‘Yes your majesty.’ They lay in silence for a bit longer, until they heard the truck’s engine sputter to life and drive away, struggling u a hill as it did.
‘I think the coast is clear Clive.’
‘Coming madam.’ Clive started kicking his box, in the precise locations where he had left the weak points for himself. After 8 kicks he was free. Without even wiping the straw off he went to Elizabeth’s aid, as he sealed her in better for her own protection. He broke the lid with a mighty crack, and helped Elizabeth stand.
‘Thank you Clive,’ Elizabeth said, wiping the straw off herself. Clive followed suit, wanting to look presentable for the Queen. It’s always something he’d been big on doing: “pride and appearance is everything” he said in interviews.
‘Are you ready madam?’
‘Yes. Clive, you have straw stuck to your head.’ And it was true, the straw had stuck to his bald head and given him that of antlers, much to the amusement of Elizabeth. She turned him around carefully and pulled it from his sticky head.
‘Thank you.’
‘Now we’re ready to go.’

They moved out, stepping over the crates that now lay the floor and onto a metal ramp leading out to the beach. They turned back and saw they had stepped off a plane.
‘Crap. He’s sending them back.’
‘Madam, this plane cannot leave the island.’
‘How do we blow it up?’ Elizabeth asked, looking at him concerned.
‘Blow it up.’ The rev of an engine came up above the hill, and soon after the headlights of the truck. Clive took Elizabeth’s hand and ran her to the nearest bunch of trees. They crouched down and watched as the workers unloaded five more crates into the plane.
’15 minutes. That’s all we have before the next truck comes.’
‘What’s the plan then madam?’ They made their way further into the bushes so they could talk more without being heard or seen.
‘When the truck next leaves, we’ll go out and investigate more, collect evidence and such. After they leave again we’ll set the traps and blow this bloody thing up.’
‘A good plan. I like it.’ And so they crawled back to the edge and waited for the truck to depart; waiting for the perfect time to strike.

(I like this)
Jax and Dasia crept towards the stairs, as silent as a feather in the breeze. They dodged and dived past crates, machines and men, making it to the stairs without being seen and silently. They climbed, pulling out their weapons as they did. They didn’t know what to expect, and that scared them more.
When they reached the top they stopped. The room was empty, apart from a singular desk in the middle. There were no windows, or doors leading anywhere else. A metal barrier surrounded the front, connecting to the stairs they had just climbed. And at the desk sat Talon. His black fur skin shone with the light that ran around the room, his green eyes piercing both of them and looking into their souls.
‘Well done. You found me.’
‘Wasn’t hard really, we just followed your stench.’ Dasia smiled at her husband’s remark.
‘I must say congratulations to you both on your marriage. It’s so honourable that you wanted to be bound together before I killed you.’ This scared them, but they tried not to show it. ‘Oh? How did I find out?’ He raised his left arm, taking with it a head. ‘I found this man snooping. Lovely man, came from the nearby village. It’s funny, scouts can become squealers with just the right amount of pressure in the right spot.’ He dropped the head on the floor.
‘One question, why are you doing this?’ Dasia asked.
‘I don’t like what you two do to people like me. Monsters as you call us.’
‘You are monsters!’ Dasia watched out of the corner of her eye Jax tighten the grip on his gun handle.
‘Use your indoor voice Jax please. Didn’t your mother teach you manners?’ Jax started for him, being held back by Dasia. Talon laughed maliciously. He’d gotten to Jax.
‘Enough of this. Your reign of terror stops now Talon.’
‘Oh does it?’ Talon stood and raised his right arm, pointing a gun directly at Dasia’s heart.
Fortunately Jax was a quick mover, and he threw himself and Dasia over the railings as Talon fired. They held on as they went over, throwing themselves back up after the shot had hit the wall. By that time though, Talon had come closer. Dasia fired a shot, missing and breaking a leg off the desk. They got over, Jax attacking Talon as soon as he was up. And while Jax tackled the front, Dasia went for the back.

As they struggled, men came running up the stairs, armed with electrified staffs. So Dasia left Jax to deal with Talon, while she dealt with the 10 men. Now, they fought galiently, both with the impressive skills they’d picked up over the years. They moved swiftly and silently, taking down all the men in their stride, or hitting their target in the right places.
After about 10 minutes (times vary depending on who you hear the story from) the men were down, and Talon wounded, but Jax hurt too. In the distance a loud explosion shook the mountain, so monstrous and the tremors so violent it knocked everybody to the ground. Jax and Dasia looked at each other and smiled; Elizabeth and Clive had done it. They’d done their job, now it was time to do theirs. But while they were looking into each other’s eyes, Talon stood and dragged Jax away.
‘No!’ Dasia stood and ran to him, tackling Talon to the floor. Jax stumbled to his feet and grabbed his knife from his belt. He knew it was time to end it.
Talon kicked Dasia off him, her sliding along the floor and into the half fallen desk. She kicked it over and spun it around, to protect herself. She took a deep breath and looked down. Blood. She’d been scratched and bad. A shot fired and put a hole in the desk, next to her head. She pulled the gun from the back of her belt and came around the side, only to be greeted by Jax sliding towards her. She dropped her gun and pulled him to safety.
‘Are you alright baby?’
‘Yeah. Bastard cut me.’ Dasia looked at his wound. It was just as deep and just as bad as hers.
‘Same here.’ She showed him her wound. Another shot hit the desk, adding another hole. ‘We’re not getting out of this are we?’ They looked at each other sincerely.
‘No. But we have these.’ He grabbed the grenades. Dasia put her wedding ring on, Jax doing the same.
‘I’m with you to the end baby.’ They kissed and embraced each other tight.
‘I love you.’
‘I love you too.’

Talon pulled the knife out of his side as something flew over his head and stuck to the wall, followed by another, and another, and another, until there were 7 on the wall. The beeps were slow but got quicker and quicker and quicker. Jax and Dasia held each other tight.
And that was that.
Clive and Elizabeth watched from the distance as the mountain fell.
‘No!’ Elizabeth yelled, trying to run to the crumbling mountain. Clive held her back, holding her close as she wept.

They returned to England 3 days later, and a week of mourning took place. Their bodies were never recovered from the wreckage of the mountain, but a burial took place anyway. The Queen attended every memorial that was held. But the fact that the bodies were never found, led to some to speculate that they were actually still alive, had gone into hiding, and we’re living the life they actually wanted.
Their legacy lives on, all the new monster hunters of every generation aspiring to be like them. But as everybody knows, nobody will be as good as the greats, but it doesn’t stop them.



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