The Tale of the Monster Hunters Pt. 2


On the next flight they could catch, Jax and Dasia were on their way to Buckingham Palace. But this wasn’t their first trip here. Flight records show that on business, the hunters flew to London 86 times, clocking up frequent flyer miles and Dasia developing a teddy souvenir collection, which apparently drove Jax crazy. I’ve seen the collection, and it’s quite impressive. So I guess my theory is, is that some of the reward money was kept to feed this addiction; not that anybody would have a problem with it considering all they’ve done for us.


Anyway, records show that on this particular trip they landed at 4a.m. – there’s no stopping them. From there they would have been driven to the secret meeting quarters of the Queen.

‘Thank you for coming on such short notice,’ Elizabeth said as she presented the couple with a tray of tea and chocolate digestive biscuits, something she knew Jax liked greatly.

‘It’s not a problem,’ Dasia said as she poured herself some tea. Elizabeth took her seat around the small table and picked up the remote that sat in the centre. At this point, I assume Jax reached to the tray and took the plate full of biscuits and slid them in front of him. Elizabeth pointed the remote at the ceiling, switching on a small, concealed projector that flashed pictures onto the clean, cream wall.

‘So, Dr. Prakash is the reason why we’re here.’ His face flashed on the wall, the cheesy mid-walking action shot that you typically see in films or on TV. ‘Moolsoft’s chief scientist was given a fund that could buy Peru five times over,’ Elizabeth explained.

‘Bloody hell,’ Dasia said, leaning in closer to the table not taking her eyes off his.

‘Exactly, the UK isn’t even that rich. But Moolsoft went out of business years ago.’

‘Where did he get his money from then?’ Jax chimed in.

‘Our investigators don’t know. We do however have reason to believe that Talon gathered rich cats to help with the experiments.’ Jax stopped eating and looked to the photo. At that point Elizabeth changed the photo with a press of the button and Talon appeared on the wall, his deep dark eyes staring into Jax’s.


Dasia and Jax retired to their London apartment, after the twelve hour meeting gathering information about the case. This was another modest place they had, amongst the apartment in Chester and Dundee. Basically wherever they had to go, they had a home to go to. As stated in an interview, Dasia would unpack the bags while Jax gathered information about the case they had taken on. Only this time Jax sat on the sofa with his head in his hands, and Dasia knew he was.

When had known that every time Talon was mentioned it would bring up the bad memories he’d tried to forget by becoming who he was today, and she was proud of him for that. But every time something happened she would feel like all his hard work was knocked down in a single moment, and it was all for nothing.

So this time Dasia didn’t unpack the bags, instead she placed the bags in the corner between the red draws and book shelf and sat with Jax on the sofa.

‘I’m fine.’

‘I know you are. But this is loving, clingy Dasia who is here for you.’ This made Jax smile, because even in his temperament he appreciates her. He held his arm out as he sat back on the sofa. Dasia curled up next to him and placed her head over his heart. ‘Want to talk?’


‘Or do you just want to sit here?’

‘Up to you.’

‘Let’s just sit here.’


The next day they were up at 5am, and out looking for clues as to where they could find Dr. Prakash, because he had gone into hiding. Since Jax was the only driver of the two, he had to trust Dasia with directions, which always ended badly.

‘We need to find this lab. I told you it was on Worall Avenue,’ Dasia said.

‘Let me look at the map because you’ve got us lost.’ Jax tried to grab the map from her. But she wouldn’t let him.

‘Eyes on the road mister,’ she said as she pulled the map away from him. She smiled and stuck her tongue out too, and it was the first time in a while she’d seen the smile she fell in love with. ‘I can handle this, baby ok?’




‘Good.’ Dasia smiled. It was nice teasing him again.

‘I told you it was the left, left and then right. Not left, right and right.’ They closed and locked the doors to the hire vehicle and wondered to where the entrance used to be, clean and sparkling glass that would invite you in. I’ve seen photos from the newspaper articles.

‘Well I’m sorry but I didn’t know the map was upside down. You’d think with today’s technology the car could just drive us to where we needed to go.’


They broke inside the building, as skilfully as the great thieves of our time. Wondering the halls they’d seen on TV many times in news segments, documentaries and of course the tests conducted on the creatures created. Like so many of us, I’ve seen so many of these news outlets that I, like Jax and Dasia, could walk those halls with my eyes closed. As they wondered, leaving footsteps in the dusty hospital style floor, they looked at each name on each door, what test was conducted and what was made. Dasia stopped at a door, but making sure Jax kept walking. The name on this door read ‘T47L0NXC1629FH’ or Talon. She pushed the slightly open door and peered around. The once white walls were scratched and bloodied. Hand prints smeared the walls and the reinforced window in the centre of the back wall was smashed, only shards decorating the edges. It gave Dasia chills, as it would most of us, but it would take more to faze her.


They wondered for around 15 minutes longer before they found evidence of life.

‘Let’s not jump to conclusions, there are a million ways to get into this building, doesn’t mean it’s him.’ Jax loaded his cross bow while Dasia pulled out her Gloch, checking the clip.

‘Really? Then why’s your gun out?’ Jax looked at her, his eyebrows raised. She just stared a dead stare at him. ‘Fair enough.’

They continued to walk down the corridor, each checking the doors for anybody. It wasn’t until they reached the “Experimentation Wing” that they heard life. And naturally taking over, Jax went first. He opened the door slowly and it was only then that the signs of life they heard wasn’t somebody cleaning, or looking around, or waking up from a dreamless slumber, but somebody destroying everything they could. What gave it away you ask? When a group of us went around the wreckage, the walls were black from smoke and fire.


Jax and Dasia approached with caution, putting all their years of training into practice once again. Dasia opened the door to the lab slowly as Jax entered with his weapon raised, ready to shoot to kill. As they entered further they were overwhelmed with the smell of smoke and burning flesh. They were running out of time. Looking carefully they found Dr. Prakash moving madly around a giant bonfire, throwing limbs, chemicals and papers into the dancing flames.

‘That’s him,’ Jax said.

‘I guessed.’

At that moment they were spotted, but strangely he didn’t run. Instead he laughed. The laughter of a mad man. An unwell man. Dasia approached him and arrested him while Jax tried to extinguish the fire.


Later that day in the interview room back at the secret quarters, Dasia and Jax tried to work out a strategy as to how to question the doctor. Records show that Jax conducted the interview. One that lasted 5 minutes.

‘Dr. Prakash, I’m Jax Hackey. Do you understand where you are?’

‘I do.’

‘Good. I’m going to ask you some questions about your involvement with the illegal experimentation and creation of monsters. You have the right to legal consulate anytime during this interview.’

‘I don’t want any.’

‘That’s your choice. So, what was your role in this process?’

‘I was the designer and the creator of the creatures.’

‘And who wanted the monsters?’

‘Talon.’ Jax froze temporarily before snapping out of it and regaining his professional composure.

‘What does Talon want with monsters?’

‘When he contacted me he wanted to create an army so as to throw over the hunters around the world.’

‘Why did you agree to help him?’

‘He promised me freedom, creative power and survival.’

‘Survival? You just said he was only going after the hunters of the world.’

‘Once Talon kills the hunters, he’s going to kill the human race.’








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